$265.00 AUD
MP-50 – Tribestanol-Pro – HPC – Humanofort

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  • Excel in every sport
  • MP-50- Gain Lean Muscle Mass not Fat Like the Other Mass Gainer
  • Tribestanol- Increase Strength & Natural Testosterone Levels
  • HPC- Greater Muscle Hydration, Endurance & Energy
  • Humanofort- Accelerate Recovery & Healing of Injuries

This Off-Season bundle provides players with explosive power, recovery & strength while continuing to build serious lean muscle mass. When compared to the on-season bundle, the Off-Season bundle is focused on building up muscle mass and strength lost through the fatiguing efforts of the season.  This makes the Off-Season Bundle the ideal combination for optimal recovery.

ASN- Advanced Sports Nutrition is proud to provide products that are guaranteed to deliver serious results. Our products have been used by some of the best NRL and AFL players, giving them the edge against their competitors & taking their game to the next level. Now ASN believes it is time for all professional and recreational players to have access to the world’s most advanced sports supplementation. With the introduction of the ASN bundles to our online store players and athletes will gain easy access to products specifically designed to deliver results.  With a guarantee on purity and performance, these targeted bundles will provide you with everything necessary to achieve your goals and improve your performances.

If you have a critical game coming up that you must win at all costs, contact us for additional advice and we guarantee to take you to next level.

Humanofort flavours
HPC flavours
MP50 flavours
  • MP-50 1 serve morning, lunch & after training.
  • Tribestanol:  2 capsules morning and 2 before bed.
  • HPC: 1 serve during training & after training.  Mix with MP-50.
  • Humanofort: 1 serve morning, lunch & before bed.
$265.00 AUD