Bodybuilding off-season bundle

$275.00 AUD
MP50 – HP-100 908g– Tribestanol– HPC

Servings: Exchange it with your favorite products by calling us on 03 8360 7100

  • MP-50- Gain Lean Muscle Mass not Fat Like the Other Mass Gainer
  • HP-100 Lean Muscle, Faster Muscle Recovery & Repair
  • Tribestanol- Increase Strength & Natural Testosterone Levels
  • HPC- Greater Muscle Hydration, Endurance & Energy

Having spent over 30 years training as a bodybuilder, ASN CEO Peter Memete has designed this bundle specifically for bodybuilders worldwide. The bundle enables bodybuilders to attain the greatest results possible while eliminating fillers & low quality ingredients. This combination of elite products will increase strength and recovery while maximising serious lean muscle growth.


Combining our HP-100  & MP50, our OFF SEASON bundle maximises your muscle building potential resulting in greater muscle and mass gains. While HP-100 focuses on building lean muscle through faster assimilation of protein into muscle, MP50’s sustained carb release maintains muscle energy allowing for protein synthesis to operate at its maximum. Your energy is further enhanced with the inclusion of HPC, promoting muscle hydration and sustaining energy throughout your workout. The increase of natural testosterone levels through use of Tribestanol rounds off this potent combo, raising levels and increasing your strength notably.


Unlike ASN, other companies offer poor quality supplements that cause bloating, flatulence and stomach discomfort. This in turn leads to sub-par results due to the dilution of ingredient quality. With ASN’s range of world leading products you will be relieved of such side effects free to achieve your maximum potential and greater results.


HP100 flavours
HPC flavours
MP50 flavours
  • MP-50 1 serve morning & lunch.
  • HP-100: 1 serve morning, lunch & after training.
  • Tribestanol: 2 capsules morning and 2 cps before bed.
  • HPC – 1 serve during & after training. Mix with HP-100.
$275.00 AUD