Bodybuilding pre-contest bundle

$330.00 AUD
HP-100 908g– NANO-Creatine 500g – Tribestanol – Xtreme Cuts PLUS– NANO BCAA

Servings: Exchange it with your favorite products by calling us on 03 8360 7100

  • HP-100 Lean Muscle, Faster Muscle Recovery & Repair
  • NANO-Creatine Support ATP Production & Muscle Hydration
  • Tribestanol- Increase Strength & Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Xtreme-Cuts Burn Body Fat Fast

The ideal preparation leading up to competition, the PRE-CONTEST bundle helps bodybuilders maintain the muscle mass they have built up in the off-season while burning off serious body fat. We highly recommend the switch to our unflavoured HP-100 (if you are taking flavoured HP-100) six weeks from competition to help you be as lean as possible. ASN’s products contain no fillers, sugars or impurities and as such can be used all the way up to 7 days from contest.

All of ASN’s products are produced using the highest quality ingredients available, no short cuts or false promises, just the best products money can buy. Other companies use fillers & cheap materials undermining your hard work and efforts to get into peak condition. This leads to sub-par results as well as unhealthy & uncomfortable side effects such as bloating, flatulence and other stomach related discomforts. At ASN we understand what it takes to compete at the highest levels and we are committed to helping you get there. That’s why we are the only company to guarantee purity and performance every time, confident that our supplements will help you achieve your desired goals.


HP100 flavours
Xtreme Cuts PLUS
NANO Creatine 500g
BCAA flavours
  • HP-100: 1 serve morning, lunch & after training.
  • Tribestanol: 2 capsules morning, lunch & before bed.
  • NANO-Creatine: 1 serve during training mixed with 1 serve of BCAA . 1 serve after
  • training mixed with HP-100 & BCAA.
  • Xtreme Cuts PLUS: 1 serve morning & midday
  • Not to be used after 4 pm as it could affect your sleep.
  • BCAA- 1 serve during & after training.
$330.00 AUD