ASN HP 100 Whey Protein
ASN HP 100 NANO Peptide Extract Protein
ASN HP 100 Whey Protein Nano Peptide Extract

ASN HP 100 NANO Peptide Extract Protein


ASN HP 100 best whey protein powder

ASN HP 100 Nano Peptide Protein is here to change everything you thought you knew about whey protein powders.

With its high levels of peptides for muscle growth and low fat & carbohydrates, HP 100 Nano Peptide Protein is the best protein powder in Australia of all time.

All the reviews from users show that ASN HP 100 does not cause any bloating or digestive stress.

If you're lactose intolerant or have celiac disease (and many people do), this is THE protein for you.

The biggest highlight of this isolate whey protein powder is that it shows results within 14 days of using.

This protein has been designed in such a way that it will help you grow and repair muscles more quickly than ever before, aiding in the increase of lean muscle mass, strength, and power as well as helping to improve recovery times.

It's ideal for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, soccer players, runners and tennis players alike—anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass and recover faster from exercise.

If you're looking for a protein that will help you build bigger muscles and recover faster, without the bloat or digestive stress, look no further.  ASN HP 100 NANO PEPTIDE EXTRACT PROTEIN is the best protein powder on the market.

ASN HP 100 Benefits

  • A Protein Which Shows Results Within 14 Days!
  • The biggest muscle building protein of all time
  • 10 years more advanced than any other protein
  • High levels of isolated growth factor peptides!
  • Guaranty No Bloating or Digestive Stress
  • Ideal for Lactose & Gluten Intolerant People
  • Low Fat & Carbohydrates




Today we have a better understanding of what makes muscles grow. For muscle growth to take place a combination of mechanisms are involved. First it must sustain some sort of micro damage so it can adapt and repair allowing it to get bigger and stronger. Constant eccentric and concentric contractions as seen with weight training can cause this. Genetic cellular signalling is also involved in the process. Stem Cells which line the muscle fibre must be activated and allowed to mature in order for them to incorporate into the muscle fibre and register as muscle gain. The activation and maturation of the stem cells is controlled by peptides. If the body has a constant supply of these peptides the muscle recovers, repairing itself, getting bigger and stronger, but only if another peptide protein that is produced by our DNA is lowered or blocked allowing for growth. This peptide protein is called Myostatin. Myostatin is part of the TGF-beta family of proteins, which seemingly play a part in the rest of the body’s ability to restrict growth and repair. Today we have reached a stage where we can design peptides that have specific binding sites allowing us to block myostatin as well as promoting peptides that can activate, mature and feed stem cells. These Peptides are found in the new HP100 NANO Peptide Extract.



After training, restoration of blood glucose and energy is the no.1 priority of our physiology. Unless the right material is present, the body will mobilise and sacrifice muscle protein (amino acids) in an attempt to restore energy levels. This then effects muscle recovery and growth. To provide the optimal environment for recuperation and growth we must supply a high concentration of amino acids, specialised peptides and growth factors immediately after training to stimulate protein synthesis and activate genetic pathways that lead to muscle growth. The problem is most proteins are too slow to enter muscle cells directly after training because they have to be digested and growth factors are destroyed. HP100 however overcomes this problem and is the only protein to do so. HP100 was designed using advanced 'NANO' technology, providing specific intact NANO isolated peptides with an array of amino acids, including high levels of BCAA's, ready for immediate absorption. When taken straight after training, muscle cells literally ‘gorge’ themselves full of peptide amino acids provided by HP100 to signal anabolism within the muscle, activating stem cells which will mature and grow into a muscle fiber making the muscle bigger and stronger. This provides accelerated maximum muscle growth and recovery.



Our NANO Peptide HP100 is so pure and fine it must be put into the containers by hand. You will notice as soon as you open the container how extremely fine the powder is, this is due to the NANO technology process that removes any impurities at the smallest possible molecular level. You, our customer, are left with the finest and most pure protein on the market. The result; is 100% uptake into your muscles, joints and cells, meaning no upset stomach and maximum health benefits. 

The greater the speed a protein can be absorbed within your body, the better you will be able to recover. If you are using a protein after training for recovery and muscle growth and don’t put on any muscle within 14 days, the protein is being absorbed too slowly, therefore you are using the wrong product and wasting your money. It has been scientifically proven that fast absorbing protein's like HP100, when taken frequently induce an anabolic growth effect where as slower absorbing proteins only prevent muscle tissue loss.




You may have noticed that other proteins cause stomach discomfort and bloating. This is because the digestive enzymes produce partially broken down protein from complex and poorly processed protein, including milk, which then pass down through the digestive chain to be broken down by bacteria. Lactose has the same effect which causes digestive problems. Due to the action of bacteria breaking down the proteins and lactose, hydrogen sulphide and other products of putrefaction are produced, causing bloating and flatulence. However with HP100 this problem is nonexistent. The peptides that are in HP100 have been isolated and separated from impurities, including lactose, which is part of the NANO Technology process. Because HP100's peptides come from fully ‘hydrolysed whey’ and are in a NANO form, its specific proteins are absorbed straight away with no side effects, including; upset stomach or bloating.



A lot of people judge a protein by the amount of amino acids it has per serving. This is true in regards to comparing the amount of protein in the product against another but it is not related to the performance of the product or the amount of ‘bio-active’ peptides in the protein. It’s the ‘bio-active’ peptides that have the specific functions within our body. The amino acids are the building blocks for those peptides. How those amino acids are arranged determine what peptides are formed. There are millions of combinations for the peptides, ones that are used by the body, ones that are not used and ones that are dangerous and toxic. It is the ones that are used in the body that we should be interested in. Unless these are in an isolated form then the possibility of them being absorbed intact is very remote as discussed earlier. Therefore, it is the amount and type of isolated peptides which governs the best protein and not the quantity of protein or the amino acid profile.

I am the owner of Fighting Fit PT, a boutique personal training and group fitness studio in Melbourne. Our clients ask us about supplements, and after years of industry experience and extensive research, there’s only 1 brand we stock, recommend, and use ourselves…Advanced Sports Nutrition!

Not only do we recommend ASN but we use it ourselves! I’m also a personal trainer and so I am also extremely vigilant as to what I put into my body. It’s important to know I’m taking clean supplements that don’t have cheap or nasty additives. I have gotten great results with ASN supplements, not only personally, but with many clients. As someone who makes a living of having a good physique and getting people great bodies, it’s important to get results, and get them fast. ASN supplements have definitely helped us get some great results.

Would recommend ASN to anyone that wants results and cares about what they put into their bodies!

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Russo

Director/Personal Trainer

Fighting Fit P.T.

593 Plenty Road Preston VIC 3072

(M): 0439 369 409