Before we can get down to the serious business of training, let me give you a little information about myself and the company which will bring you the most advanced sport supplements money can buy. Combine these supplements with the Maximum Intensity Training Program (Max-IT)  and Maximum Fat-Loss Training Program (MAX-FT) and I guarantee you will put on the most lean muscle mass and loss body fat in the shortest time ever.

In regards to myself, I came from one of the eastern European countries under strict communist dictatorship, under this regime I began training at the age of 5. Under this regime not everyone can go to the gym and train. Only the top athletes which represent the country in national and international events had access to the training facilities. If you were not number one in your field, someone else was waiting to take your place. Another reason why I pushed myself to the extreme was because this enabled me to visit other countries whilst competing. Under the communist regime, travelling as a tourist was illegal. Under these harsh conditions, there was no way out for me except to become number one. What I would like to do for you, is share my knowledge of these unbelievable techniques. Not only will I share the most advanced techniques in training but I will help you gain the determination and discipline you need to become a winner.


Max-IT without discussion is the most advanced and effective training program when it comes to putting on serious lean muscle mass. Its not a program copied from different bodybuilding magazines which  have a different  training programs  every week.  You may follow the program from one particular issue andl find the following issue will tell you something totally different and contradictory to the previous one, causing a great deal of confusion. You try the first program and may get little results, you give the following program a try hoping that this will work wonders for you. Don't despair, we all make these mistakes. In my 20 years of training I made some too. The good news is that through all my years of training I have amassed a lot of knowledge which has resulted in one of the best training programs available. (Max-IT)


You may be asking yourselves, where did this Max-IT come from, how did it start and who started it. This program is unique and the most effective and it took endless hours and lot of dedication to put together. But for me it is a labour of love. Presently I am using this program myself in preparation for the IFBB Mr Universe (World Championship).  This program is for 52 weeks, every four weeks the program changes by introducing you to new moves and different exercises. Every weekend, which are my days off , I'm in the gym preparing the next 4 weeks of Max-IT. I have my note book in hand and I try every move and combination before I decide which will be part of your next 4 week program. I want to ensure that you get the maximum intensity from every training session. Lets put it this way, unless I get the feeling my muscles are about to explode out of my skin, I will not include as part of the program. It takes a least 4 days in order to put together the following 4 weeks program. This dedication is what sets us apart from the rest and makes this training program unique.


The Max-IT program is designed to get results, whether you are a beginner or if you're an advanced experienced athlete. There are three parts to this training program. The first stage is for beginners, second stage for the more advanced athlete and a third stage for the experienced athlete. Level one and two will go for 4 weeks, that means if you're a beginner, I suggest that you complete both the introductory and the secondary level program before you start the unbelievable 52 weeks of the Max-IT Program. Make sure when you put your name down for the Max-IT Program that you mention what program you require.


For the last 10 years I've been training and preparing  athletes compete against top athletes from  around the world, not only in bodybuilding but also in Olympic events such as weightlifting, judo, boxing, rugby etc Athletes from around the world write to us telling us of the tremendous results they have obtained using the Max-IT program. Even coaches from the Eastern and Western countries telling me that the results  they got in 6 months with me they had not been able to achieve in 3 years. It just goes to show you what a huge difference in results once the right techniques are used and combined with the best sports supplement money can buy in the world.
The key to putting on 4 -5 kgs of lean muscle mass every 12 weeks.

Lately we have been inundated by email from around the world, thanking us for unbelievable results that have been achieved by using the Max-IT program. On a daily basis I have emails asking me about diets and nutritional supplements needed to obtain 100% results. In past I have answered each individual with when and how to use the supplements combined with Max-IT to get the best results.

To make things simpler for you, when you log on to weeks 1 - 4 you will be able to get full information on Diet and Supplements