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$265.00 AUD
HP-100 908g – Tribestanol – NANO-Creatine 500g – Humanofort

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HP-100 908g – Tribestanol-PRO– NANO-Creatine 500g – Humanofort

  • Serious Lean Muscle Mass
  • Strength & Increase Testosterone Levels
  • Increase ATP Production
  • Improve Recovery

Designed for men who wish to compete at a higher level and those who are aiming for a lean muscle physique, the MEN’S FITNESS & PHYSIQUE bundle provides you with everything necessary to achieve your goals. The product combination includes will not only deliver result in terms of faster, leaner muscle gains but will also provide you with the ideal recovery and fat loss you desire.

With the muscle building properties of HP-100 at the core of the bundle, our revolutionary NANO technology allows almost instant assimilation of protein to the muscle leading to the fastest and leanest gains possible. Tribestanol & NANO creatine build on this, increasing testosterone levels and allowing greater muscle contraction through higher APT production. This combo will allow you to train at a higher intensity, promoting fat loss while building lean muscle. The vital inclusion of Humanofort means the recovery of muscle is as fast and efficient as possible, allowing for greater gains in the shortest time possible. 

HP100 flavours
Humanofort flavours
NANO Creatine 500g
  • HP-100 1 serve morning, lunch &1 after training
  • Tribestanol: 2 capsules morning and 2 cps before bed
  • NANO-Creatine: 1 serve before training & after training. Mix with HP-100.
  • Humanofort: 1 serve morning, lunch & before bed.
$265.00 AUD