Serious Fat Loss

$125.00 AUD
HP 100 908g- Xtreme Cuts PLUS

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HP-100 908g– Xtreme Cuts PLUS

  • Burn Body Fat Fast
  • Increase Metabolism
  • High Thermogenic Effect
  • Muscle Tone 

ASN’s Fat Loss Bundle is specifically designed to help you burn fat and lose that unwanted body fat. Combining HP-100 and our potent Fat Burner Xtreme Cuts PLUS, this combination will allow you to tone up muscle while accelerating shedding unwanted fat in conjunction with the Max-FT training guide.

Designed to deliver results our Max-FT (Fat loss training) provides a training guide aimed specifically at burning fat. This is achieved by targeting specific movements and intensities while training. Combine with this the thermogenic effect of Xtreme Cuts PLUS, and the muscle building properties of HP-100, this highly efficient combo will help you achieve your desired goals, removing unwanted body fat while toning muscle. Ideal for both men and women dieting in preparation for competition or those simply wanting to lose some weight, this bundle is the perfect start to a new and fitter you. Please feel free to contact us for dieting advice in conjunction with our Max-FT guide.

HP100 flavours
Xtreme Cuts PLUS
  • HP-100 1 serve morning, lunch & after training.
  • Xtreme Cuts PLUS 1 serve in the morning and 1 serve midday
  • Not to be used after 4 pm as it could affect your sleep.
$125.00 AUD