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Tribestanol PRO
Tribestanol PRO

Tribestanol PRO



  • The only TribulusExtract from Leaves of theTribulus Herb
  • Increase Strength and Stamina
  • Scientifically Proven to increase Natural Testosterone Levels
  • Strongest Tribulus Product – Contains over 60%  Protodioscin

ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition is proud to announce that we are the first scientifically based company to introduce the new generation Tribulus Terrestris using the latest extraction technology from Europe, providing the most effective saponins from the leaves of specifically grown Bulgarian Tribulus plants. The world leading pure Tribulus ingredients are now used in our Tribestanol to support testosterone levels in males.


Every company says that their testosterone booster is the best. They mention all the different ingredients it contains and how there is nothing else available out there that will give you better results. Some even give you scientific references to those materials. But are they the exact same materials that were used in the scientific studies? The answer is 'no'. No proof at all. Most likely they are cheaply manufactured material of the same name. There are a lot of copies around that do not work.

At ASN-Advanced Sports Nutrition we use the real stuff, the manufacturer's material used in the scientific studies. What you have to understand is that it is not all about the name of the material that was used in scientific studies; it is all about who manufactured that material and where it came from. Cheap copies just don’t make the grade. The same goes for the new Tribestanol. We are the only sports nutrition company in the world that has the rights to this very new material, providing the purest form of Tribestanol on the planet.

Developed by the original professor in Bulgaria who invented the extraction methods for isolating and identifying the different active saponins in the tribulus plant, this new extract is over 40% more effective than the original Tribestanol.

The new Tribestanol provides natural saponin levels at very high proportion, one that no other manufacturer in the world can match. It doesn’t matter what other companies say, their product won't even come close to the potency and the effectiveness of the new Tribestanol. Other companies can put as many other different ingredients as they want into their testosterone boosting product and it still won't beat the effectiveness or the potency of the new natural testosterone supporting, Tribestanol. Testosterone means muscle. Testosterone means increased performance. Now you can help optimize your testosterone to the maximum, enhancing your natural testosterone level beyond what is normally achievable in turn helping you give better performance and muscle building results that far exceed that of other athletes.



Tribestanol is a non-hormonal phytochemical preparation which has an effect on the hormonal balance in the body. In males it helps optimize lutenizing hormone and testosterone, while in women it helps optimize FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and estradiol while only mildly effecting testosterone levels. Simultaneously, these supported hormonal levels also help support sexual function and libido. In helping to support testosterone, Tribestanol has shown a general stimulating action such as motor activity, muscle tone, restorative tonic for vigour, vitality and stamina. For this reason Tribestanol is suitable and successfully applied in bodybuilding and other strength sports such as sprinting and weight lifting.

Toxicological studies, teratogenic and carcinogenic investigations have concluded the material used in the Tribestanol product has a very good tolerance and no undesired side effects. An important feature in the pharmacodynamics of Tribestanol is the evidence that it regulates the body hormonal balance without any interference with its functional mechanisms. What this means is that there is no aromatization to other hormones because of an imbalance and increase in testosterone. Normally the body has a feedback mechanism in which, if a hormone is too high, the body will slow production and try to rebalance levels by 'aromatizing' or changing that hormone into its opposite. Tribestanol seems to help support testosterone levels but at the same time tells the body that all hormonal levels are normal. This in turn gives it all of its unique features of helping to increase sports performance and muscle growth because of the increased testosterone support, but with none of the side effects as with other testosterone enhancing products. Another advantage is that because it is a non-hormonal phytochemical preparation, with no relationship as being a testosterone derivative, it is not banned by the IOC and other sporting bodies. Tribestanol has passed all the drug tests on every competitive level. Because of its safety and desirable benefits, this is great dietary supplement for every level of physical activity.


Used in conjunction with Humanofort, Tribestanol is the final piece in the puzzle for the ultimate performance and recovery combination. Supporting testosterone levels has long been known to increase sports performance and muscle growth. Many scientific studies have been done proving this. Since testosterone promotes protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance, the benefits for the athlete are muscle cell growth and increased body strength, as well as faster recuperation and recovery from muscular stress when used with Humanofort. Tribestanol, together with its diuretic effect also helps promote a lean, hard muscular look. Other additional benefits it may help with are; supporting immunity, cholesterol levels, increased self confidence, improved workout attitude and better mood in general. No other product on the market today possesses all body shaping, performance and health benefits like Tribestanol. Tribestanol is also entirely natural.



Now with new Tribestanol and Humanofort, we can help support testosterone levels to enhance muscle building and increase the performance effects of HP-100, NANO Creatine NANO HPC and NANO Glutamine. Our muscle and performance enhancing formula is simple;

Testosterone + Growth Factors + Protein & Amino Acids + Muscle Fuel + Intense Training = Increased Performance & Serious Muscle Growth

Equates to:
Tribestanol + HUMANOFORT + HP-100 + NANO Glutamine + NANO Creatine& NANO HPC + Max-IT Program = Increased Performance & Serious Muscle Growth

Using this combination, ASN - Advanced Sports Nutrition guarantees that you will put on at least 5kg of muscle mass in just 12 weeks. Also, if you find another combination that gives you better results, ASN will refund your money and buy those other products for you.



Even though we do not support the use of drugs which artificially simulate increased hormonal levels, for those who have used these drugs, they may have found they have some undesirable side effects. The good news is that Tribestanol may counteract side effects associated with these drugs after their use has been ceased. One of the big problems with using drugs that artificially increase your hormonal levels is that it completely shuts down your own hormonal production and causes problems with undesired side effects. These include aromatization to undesired hormones which cause balding, breast development (gyno), shrinking of the genitals, oily acme infected skin, increased toxicity of the liver and zero libido. It has been found that the Tribestanol preparation may restore and rebalance hormonal levels back to normal and recover the reproductive system, as a result of using these toxic substances. Tribestanol may therefore be an ideal supplement to take for those who are suffering from side effects from excessive use of artificial testosterone boosters. 

I am the owner of Fighting Fit PT, a boutique personal training and group fitness studio in Melbourne. Our clients ask us about supplements, and after years of industry experience and extensive research, there’s only 1 brand we stock, recommend, and use ourselves…Advanced Sports Nutrition!

Not only do we recommend ASN but we use it ourselves! I’m also a personal trainer and so I am also extremely vigilant as to what I put into my body. It’s important to know I’m taking clean supplements that don’t have cheap or nasty additives. I have gotten great results with ASN supplements, not only personally, but with many clients. As someone who makes a living of having a good physique and getting people great bodies, it’s important to get results, and get them fast. ASN supplements have definitely helped us get some great results.

Would recommend ASN to anyone that wants results and cares about what they put into their bodies!

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Russo

Director/Personal Trainer

Fighting Fit P.T.

593 Plenty Road Preston VIC 3072

(M): 0439 369 409