WP1 100% Whey Protein Isolate
WP1 100% Whey Protein Isolate
WP1 100% Whey Protein Isolate

WP1 100% Whey Protein Isolate

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  • No bloating
  • No digestive stress
  • No impurities or fillers
  • Extremely low carbs & fat
  • Low lactose
  • Nano filtration for faster assimilation

Over the years ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition has built a reputation for developing the most advanced supplements money can buy. Our journey began 15 years ago with the introduction of the first NANO-Peptide Extract Protein, HP-100. This revolutionary product was categorised by many athletes in the world as being the best protein available, an edge in the market our competitors still can’t match today. Not willing to rest on our initial successes, ASN was eager to break the mould in other protein fields too. ASN’s announcement of MP-50, the cleanest and most advanced Lean Muscle Mass Gainer of all time was the next step in the evolution, raising the bar in protein technology once more. Today Asn is again leading the way in revolutionising the way we think about protein, the way it is utilised by our bodies as well as the standard of quality we should all strive to obtain.


As you know the industry is plagued with stories about WPI proteins that cause bloating and digestive stress. Due to the adverse effects of WPI proteins available ASN has spent the last few years researching cleaner and more effective alternatives to current market WPI products. Working diligently towards this effort and with a dedication to our loyal customers we are pleased to announce the release of the highest purity WPI product money can buy, WP1- High Performance Whey Protein Isolate.

WP1 is the first Whey Protein Isolate to be developed using Nano Filtration. This revolutionary technology allows WP1 to be absorbed faster than any other WPI on the market, making it the most effective product in its field. Due to its fast absorption, WP1 will help you recover much more efficiently as well as help you build up lean muscle mass, and lose fat in a shorter amount of time. WP1 is a low fat, low carb protein and is ideal for those who suffer from gluten or lactose intolerance. Unlike other WPI products on the market, ASN’s WP1 is not loaded with fillers and has no impurities, giving you the benefits of a healthy, high quality product without the nasty side effects of inferior products available such as digestive stress or bloating.


Currently the market is flooded with WPIs, unfortunately for the consumer it isn’t as simple as just picking one, and it would seem that today quality is heavily outweighed by quantity. Many of the WPIs available are of poor quality and this can often lead to stomach discomfort, bloating and flatulence. The inferiority of the products on the market means that our digestive tracts are left to pick up the slack and that’s where the problems start. Today protein filtration is the key to providing a product that the body can utilise quickly and efficiently, alleviating the stresses of digestion that occur from consuming products that are difficult to break down. Poorly filtrated WPIs require a greater effort to digest, the cheaper the quality of protein the harder our body is required to work in order to break down and utilise it. The issue of digestive stress and poor absorption is further compounded by the industry tendency to bulk up or extend their formulas with cheap fillers and milk powders. This is where one often experiences the discomforts associated with inferior products such as bloating and flatulence.


Here at Advanced Sports Nutrition we like to do things a little differently. Unfortunately in today’s industry the old adage of, “you get what you pay for” isn’t quite as true as it has been in the past. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “you get what the manufacturer is allowed to get away with.” At ASN we are passionate about what we do and we care about the quality of products our customers consume. Why? Because we aren’t just business people, we are healthy, active people who are passionate about what we do. We believe that if the product isn’t good enough for us, then it isn’t good for anybody else. Especially our customers! Put simply, we like to practice what we preach. When you buy an ASN product you can be sure it’s the very best money can buy.


ASN’s WP1 is unlike any other WPI out on the market today. The difference stems from our revolutionary NANO technology filtration, a process that allows us to take Whey Protein Isolate to the next level. The key to manufacturing effective products lies in the ability of the protein to be used by our bodies as quickly as possible. This is often referred to as assimilation or more commonly absorption. Using NANO technology filtration has allowed ASN to reach a stage in manufacturing where we can produce a high purity product which is not only absorbed faster, but also contains extremely low amounts of fat and lactose. As a result the protein is able to reach the muscle more rapidly, leading to faster muscle growth and recovery. As you can imagine, this is a rather costly process and one that other companies simply do not use.

Unlike other WPI’s on the market, ASN’s WP1 contains no fillers or impurities; this means the body isn’t wasting time and energy digesting the protein. Instead the products high purity allows the process of assimilation to occur effortlessly. The result is a higher protein yield, as well as a more efficient and effective use of the protein once it is in our system. Once consumed the protein is able to get to work much faster than ordinary WPIs, the result of which is a noticeable increase in muscle growth as well as an increase in recovery speed.


When it comes to poor quality WPI protein one should be on the lookout for the symptoms associated with inferior and cheaply manufactured products. If the protein you are using (even when mixed in water) causes any of these side effects to occur we strongly recommend returning it to the supplier and asking for a refund. If you experience bloating, flatulence or stomach discomfort when using a product, the signs point to it being of inferior quality. These discomforts are caused by the protein being poorly processed in order to save money. It also suggests that the product contains impurities as a result of poor filtration as well as the possible use of fillers or extenders to bulk up the product. Lactose and milk powder is also commonly found in inferior products and can contribute to any of the above mentioned discomforts.

Though these inferior products are often marketed as being fast absorbing, the reality is that they are manufactured cheaply allowing for a greater margin of profit. The proof of this is seen in the form of overly large product sizes for what appears to be reasonable pricing. Though these products are often seen as being “more bang for your buck,” the reality is far more costly. The poor standard of these products means not only a waste in financial terms, but also in the time and effort invested in reaching your desired goals.

I am the owner of Fighting Fit PT, a boutique personal training and group fitness studio in Melbourne. Our clients ask us about supplements, and after years of industry experience and extensive research, there’s only 1 brand we stock, recommend, and use ourselves…Advanced Sports Nutrition!

Not only do we recommend ASN but we use it ourselves! I’m also a personal trainer and so I am also extremely vigilant as to what I put into my body. It’s important to know I’m taking clean supplements that don’t have cheap or nasty additives. I have gotten great results with ASN supplements, not only personally, but with many clients. As someone who makes a living of having a good physique and getting people great bodies, it’s important to get results, and get them fast. ASN supplements have definitely helped us get some great results.

Would recommend ASN to anyone that wants results and cares about what they put into their bodies!

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Russo

Director/Personal Trainer

Fighting Fit P.T.

593 Plenty Road Preston VIC 3072

(M): 0439 369 409